In the Product List Manager you can manage 3 types of product lists:

1. Recently Viewed products

2. Recommended products

3. Category product list

Category product lists are great to promote specific categories right on your home wall.

1. In the Product List Manager click on new product list

2. Enter a title for your own reference

This title won't be shown to the customer and is purely for your own reference.

3. In step 1 choose the type 'Category'

4. Select the category you want to use for the product list

5. Press Save Changes to save your product list

By default the category name will be used as the title of your product list.

Tip: Learn how to change and localise the title of your product list.

6. The product list can now be add to your home wall in the Home Merchandise Manager.

Tip: Learn how to add the product list to your home wall.