What does caching do?

When you make changes to the product catalog that your app (and website) use, it’s likely that the old products have been cached - cache is a short-term memory which makes it possible to load data faster. Cache is on both our servers and on the devices of your customers. Before changes made in your backend to products, catalogs and prices (and more) are visible in the app a cache flush is required.

How long does it take for the cache to flush?

Naturally, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the content to appear in your app. 

What is the effect of a cache flush on the app?

After you’ve flushed the cache manually, the app may temporarily be slower than normal for all users. 

Do I need to flush the cache manually on a daily basis?

This is not necessary. A daily cache flush is scheduled to run after the daily data replication in your backend. This way the app always shows the latest data from your production environment. A manual cache flush is only required when you make changes to your production environment during the day.