1. Create a home wall row and upload the image that you want to add a title to. Add a link to the image and move to step 2 on the Edit Row screen.

2. Click on the button 'Add localised titles' to open the pop-over.

3. Enter the Default Title and translations.

The Default Title will be shown in all storefronts that the home wall is published in. In case you want to show a different title in other languages you can enter a translation to override the Default Title.

4. Click on '+ Add Regional Override' to add a translation on a storefront level. This option allows you to differentiate between for example en-US and en-GB.

Adding a regional override can be useful when there's a need to localise on a storefront level. For example when communicating a currency in the title.

5. Click on save to add the title to the home wall row.

6. Click on Save Changes to go back to the Overview Rows. Your title will also be visible in the overview.