A personalised product list can be shown on the home wall and category view of the app. The personalised list of products are fetched directly from product recommendations offered by Marketing Cloud Predictive Intelligence. 

This feature requires manually configuration by Highstreet. Once enabled the position of the personal product list on the home wall can be adjusted in Studio via the home wall manager.

Integration Overview

    1. A Visitor identifier is generated by SFMC for both guest and registered users. Currently the email address of a user is not used so there is no way to link users across devices

    1. A request is made to SFMC to fetch all recommended product ids. The visitor id from step 1a is passed along with the request as well as the recommendation page id. The recommendation page id is configured in the middleware. The following url is used: “https://%{merchant_id}.recs.igodigital.com/a/v2/%{merchant_id}/%{page_id}/recommend.json”
    2. SFMC returns a list of product ids to the middleware. The middleware then makes a regular request to the Merchant’s backend to fetch the details of the respective products.

  1. The app stores events locally and sends these in batches to HS. Events are sent every minute / on app close. Current events that are tracked:
    1. Product detail view
    2. Category view
  2. HS enqueues these events on to a background job. This job is picked up as soon as capacity allows. (A few seconds) The events are then sent on to SFMC.