Sometimes you may have products that we wish to show case to users but not actually permit users to buy them. For example showing next season's catalogue before it has launched. 

These products will be returned by Commerce Cloud just like any other product but the available stock will be 0. In this scenario by default the Highstreet app will display the text: "Sold Out" on the product detail view of this product. But in this scenario it would be more suitable to display the text "Coming Soon" instead. 

Unfortunately Highstreet has no way of knowing if a product is currently sold out or if it will be coming soon as this kind of information is not exposed to us via the OCAPI. Therefore it is necessary for you to add a custom attribute to a product to indicate to the app if the text "Sold Out" should be displayed or the text "Coming Soon".

Highstreet requests product data with the following endpoint: GET /products/(:ID)

The product object needs to be updated to contain a boolean custom attribute: `c_HSComingSoon`. If the value of this attribute is true then the text "Coming Soon" will be displayed.

For example:

GET /products/(1234_WHT)

  "_v": "18.8",
  "_type": "product_result",
  "count": 1,
  "data": [{
    "_type": "product",
    "id": "1234_WHT",
    "c_HSComingSoon": true,
  "total": 1

If the text "Coming Soon" Should not be displayed then the custom attribute `c_HSComingSoon` should be one of the following:

- false

- null

- not included in the response

Note that a small frontend change by Highstreet is required in order to enable this feature