The product detail view of the app supports displaying a list of related / recommended products. These recommendations are based on the product id of the current product detail view. The list of related products is displayed at the bottom of the product detail view.

How to setup related products?

Highstreet supports either product_links or product recommendations. The list of products is fetched by first requesting the product using the GET /products/{id} endpoint. Depending on what is configured either the products in the "product_links" array will be displayed or the products in the "recommendations" array will be displayed. If these keys are empty then no products will be displayed to the user. 

To enable this feature in the app:

1. The recommendations or product links need to be setup within SFCC in order for the app to display them. 

2. Highstreet needs to enable this feature in the app and configure which product list to use (product_links / recommendations)

3. The title of the list is completely customisable. Eg it could be "shop the look:" or "related products:"


Interested in setting up related products? Reach out to our support team by creating a ticket or sending an e-mail to