It is Highstreet's mission to help brands connect with their fans through the worlds best mobile shopping experience. That's why we are continuously innovating and improving our product. We do this by combining smart technology with best-in-class UX in a highly iterative release schedule.

Besides bigger features, we also work on refinements, issues and tweaks. The most important of these will be covered in the release mailings we send out when we ship a new version of your app.

Please note: making great software is hard. That is why we will never rush features out the door or guarantee its release. We are committed to our roadmap but there could always be reasons why features will ultimately not ship or ship later.

Read more about how we come to choices for the roadmap: How we prioritise features.


On our roadmap we show you the latest on what we are working on, what’s coming up or what we have recently released. We are actively updating the roadmap, so be sure to check in regularly. View the roadmap.