How do you come up with the features to work on?

That's a fair question that we get a lot. As you can imagine with many brands on our platform and hundreds of customer contacts, we get a lot of requests for new features, ideas and changes. We keep track of all of them on our request backlog and try to make the best choices for all our customers. That's not always easy as the things we want to do, and that our customers want us to do, always far outweigh the resources we have available. We are making choices all the time and below is how we make them.

  • We split all requests into smaller features that could be done in a day and bigger features that require multiple days, weeks, or even months.
  • We prioritise the features which are the most urgent for our customers by number of requests and/or impact on the experience. To determine impact on the experience we use the HEART framework: features will add to Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, Task success, or a combination of those.
  • We also match these priorities with the priorities of our own product vision and strategy.
  • The resulting long-list of features is divided by discipline (e.g. iOS, Android, Studio, Backend) and then planned according to the resources in our product teams.
  • Then we can go to work and start planning: every few weeks we deliver a new release. Sometimes a release will include some smaller "one-day" features, like user experience improvements and bugs. And sometimes a release includes a bigger feature which we worked on for a longer period of time.


On our roadmap we show you the latest on what we are working on, what’s coming up or what we have recently released. We are actively updating the roadmap, so be sure to check in regularly. View the roadmap.