Get more app downloads via Facebook and Instagram.

The Facebook SDK enables Mobile App Ads which makes it possible for you to promote your app as a “Suggested App” including “install” button on Facebook and Instagram. 

We have added several events which you can track now. For example, you can target a customer who favourited a product in your app.

Now, you can show the customer dynamic ads of that specific product on Facebook or Instagram. When the customer clicks the ad, they will go to the App Store or if the app is already installed it will open directly.

Events we have enabled:

  • User installed app
  • User added product to cart
  • User started checkout
  • User viewed product
  • User performed a search
  • User created an account 
  • Payment completion

1. Set up the SDK

1.1 Create a Facebook App ID

You need a Facebook App ID to use the Facebook SDK for iOS and Android. You can use an existing app if you already have one.

Otherwise, go to this page to create a new app. If you need help follow Facebook’s how-to Register and Configure an App.

1.2 Link Ad Accounts

To measure installs in the Facebook Ads Manager you have to associate advertising accounts with your app using the app dashboard.

  • Go to the app dashboard
  • Choose your app
  • Navigate to “Settings > Advanced” and add accounts via the Authorised Ad Account IDs input field.

2. Set up deep linking

2.1 Why this helps your ads

With deep linking you send people directly to information they are interested in when they open your app for the first time. You can use deep links in any ad format: Mobile App Install Ads and Mobile App Engagement Ads.

By using deep linking for your app ads, you are removing extra steps between clicking the ad and getting to content that interested them provides a more seamless customer experience.

Without deep links, people will have to search for the content they are looking for manually and you risk them dropping off. Please note: we currently support deep linking for users that already have the app, we don’t support the deferred deep links.

2.2 First, gather the following:

  • Deeplink scheme (e.g.: scotchsoda://)
  • Bundle ID iOS (e.g.:
  • Bundle ID Android (e.g.:
  • Google Play Package name / App bundle ID: (e.g.:
  • Store ID App Store for iPhone and iPad (e.g.: 1062215070). The Store ID can be found in the link of your app in the App Store, for example:

You can find all information mentioned above in your iTunes Connect Account and Google Play Store Account.

Also, you will need the following information from us:

  • Class name: com.highstreet.core.activities.MainActivity (same for every brand)
  • Key hash: contact our support team to get your personalised key hash.

2.3 Add deep linking information

Once you completed the initial Facebook SDK Setup, you need to add deep linking information in your Facebook app settings.

  • For iOS: Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > iOS
  • For Android: Navigate to Dashboard > Settings > Android

Here, you need to fill in your deep link scheme, Bundle ID, Store IDs, and key hash as shown in the images below:

3. Use deep links in your ads

It’s important to use deep links when you link your Facebook or Instagram ads. Otherwise, the app won’t open on the specific product page.

4. View your app analytics

This support page shows you how to view and analyse your Facebook app analytics.