Emails that are sent from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) contain links to your website such as a Product detail page, Product lister page etc. Even if you have universal links enabled, these links in the email do not open the app because the domain is an SFMC domain and not the domain of the website. This domain normally starts with click.

In order for the device to know that it can open the app from these links 2 things need to be done:

  1. The SFMC domain needs to be added to the app. This is something Highstreet needs to do for you. 
  2. The SFMC domain needs to prove if it can be associated to the app. Normally this is done by making sure a configuration file can be downloaded on a certain path. However, there is a interface within Salesforce that will let you enter the app ID. The app ID will be provided to you by Highstreet. SFMC will take care of making sure the correct files are created on the SFMC domain.

SFMC documents:

Implement iOS Universal Link for Your Account


Step 2 is only relevant for iOS.