In this blog, we explain why it’s important to have reviews on your app from your customers. Getting positive feedback is always great, but when there are negative reviews, you may want to help the customer or answer his or her questions.

In both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, it’s possible to reply to the app reviews your customers left. Not only is this a possibility to start conversations with your customers, it’s also a place where you can gather valuable feedback on your app. We recommend that your customer service team monitors the app reviews and replies when necessary.

Here’s how you can reply to your app reviews:


  • Login to App Store Connect (
  • From the homepage, click My Apps and select your app
  • In the left column click on Ratings and Reviews.
  • On this page you can see your app reviews. If you want to reply, click reply next to the review. In the dialogue that now appears, you can enter your reply and send it with the submit button.

For more information about rating and reviews, read this article from Apple. 


  • Choose to which review you want to reply and type your reply in the Reply text box.
  • Click on Publish Reply.

For more information about the reviews on the Google Play Store, read this article.