The app offers a great user experience that leads to increased sale overall. The app is your highest converting channel, and it’s a fantastic channel that your loyal fans use and return to very regularly. Getting as much users into the app and building your content strategy will lead to:

  • Increasing sales - the app is the highest converting channel
  • A positive brand and customer experience
  • An exclusive channel for brand ambassadors
  • Connecting online and offline buying experiences

How to attract users?

Knowing the importance of getting a big user base in the app, the next question is: “how to get users to download the app?”.

There are two main strategies we like to distinguish:

  • Always on
  • App First

This article will touch upon those two strategies and how to approach them. In these strategies content in an important part and it serves two great purposes:

  • Get your customers interested in the app, by informing them about all the benefits.
  • Creating value in the app by giving your best customers the best experience in the app.

1 - Always on

This strategy is focused around always informing your customers that there’s a great shopping experience available for download. We are sure your fans will want to use the app, but you do need to guide them there. 

There are multiple ways to attract users to the app:

  • Smartbanner
  • Customer touch points
  • Search
  • Social
  • Stores
  • App Store

1.1 - Smartbanner

This banner is created by Highstreet and has been extensively tested. It’s proven that the smartbanner leads to higher downloads, for some brands even 70% of the downloads. The smartbanner is an out of the box feature that’s part of the platform. The good thing about the smartbanner is that it tells your customers the advantage of the app, and shows them the app rating.

1.2 - Customer touch points

A good way to generate downloads is to integrate the app in all your customer touch points. By looking at all your channels individually, and the position they have within the customer journey, you can best decide how you should communicate. There are a lot of good positions in your customer journey that are suitable for this. A great one of course is directly on your home page.

We’ve also seen our customers show the download buttons in the website footer, on the product detail view or in the newsletter. You could, for example, send a mail dedicated to driving app downloads when a customer creates an account.

1.3 - Search

In Google Adwords you can set up a specific app campaign that will show an app banner. For example: you could show the app banner whenever a customer looks up your brand. Customers can directly click on the download button, that will lead them to the App Store or Google Play Store.

1.4 - Social

Advertising in Google requires a specific action from the customer to see the ad. That’s why Instagram is also a good way to bring attention to your app. It’s good to keep in mind that customers are able to get see an Instagram ad at any point of their customer journey. Do you need to bring awareness or do you want them to take action?

1.5 - Stores

Your stores allow you to do physical promotions. Think of a big sign or maybe a card on the counter. But even more important than doing physical promotions is your store staff. It’s important to train your staff in the stores to know the story and the functionalities of the app. They should be able to tell customers what the benefits are and convince them of the great experience in the app.

Sidenote: your store staff will also be able to easily listen to customer feedback about the app. This feedback can be of great value.

1.6 - App Store

Around one-third of the app downloads come from organic app store browsing or searching. These customers end up on your app store page (on iOS or Android) and make a decision whether to download the app or not. That’s why its really important to optimise the app store content. Optimising your app description and keywords will essentially the app to appear in more searches - or convince a potential customer to try out the app.

2 - App First

The App First strategy is a powerful way to boost your app. Successfully putting the app first in your promotion, or doing an app exclusive promotion, greatly increases your revenue and downloads. 

Check out our Customer Stories for some great examples of the App First strategy.

There are multiple ways to put your app first in your campaign:

  • Launch and exclusive product or collection in the app
  • Give away discount in the app with a coupon code
  • Early access to the sale, exclusively in the app
  • Exclusive discount in the app

Please note that some of these strategies require development by your agency.