Once you have set up the Facebook SDK for your app, you can view the Facebook app analytics. First, log into your Facebook Bussiness Manager.

Events, properties, and parameters

Data in Facebook Analytics is driven by App Events and User Properties. Events are used to describe user activity in your application whilst user properties can be assigned to users to support better segmentation.

To view if you set up the Facebook SDK correctly, you need to check the data in the "Events" tab (as shown in the image below).

Debugging app events

You can review the most recent app events logged by your app. To verify your app events, open Facebook Analytics, choose your app and navigate to Activity > Event Debugging.

Here are ways to debug your app events:

  • Look at All Events and filter based on app version or a specific event type.
  • Filter by Just My Events to only see events from your device. This requires you to log into the Facebook mobile app on your device or simulator. Alternatively, you can use Facebook Login to log into your app on that device.
  • Filter by Events from ID. Enter the ID of a device to see app events just from that device. For iOS devices, enter the Identifier for Advertising (IDFA). For Android devices, enter the Google Play Services Advertising ID.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The client SDK may batch events for up to 15 seconds unless you explicitly flush them. Generally, events should show up a few seconds after being sent, so expect about 30 seconds between an event happening and it showing up in Event Debugging.
  • The Event Debugging view only shows data that's sent after the page is opened. It does not show event history and only collects events while the page is open.

Check the Facebook analytics support page for more information.