Now that your Android app has been launched you want to know how many customers are using it. You can view this in Google Analytics or in the Google Play Store.

Google Analytics vs. the Google Play Store

A benefit of using Google Analytics instead of the Google Play Store, is that Google Analytics combines the data from both your Android and iOS app. Also, we added several app events to the Google Analytics tracker. This page shows you what you can track within you Google Anaytics’ App Property. For more specific information about your Android app (e.g. downloads, retention, sources) you can use the Google Play Store which we will cover in the rest of this post.

Log into the Google Play Store

Go to this page to log into the Google Play Store.

Note: You (or a member of your IT team) created the Google Developer account during the onboarding phase of your app. We can’t provide you with any credentials as your company owns this account.

The ‘All Applications’ screen

The first screen you will see contains information about the number of downloads, the rating of your app and when the app was updated for the last time. 

Open the dashboard

Click on your app to open the dashboard screen.

1. How to view your Android app downloads?

Google shows your Android app downloads as ‘installs per user’. In this window you can select a time frame to compare it to another. The dashboard also shows the uninstalls by user and the top countries your app was installed in.

Tip: to view your total app downloads, you can refine the timeframe to lifetime.

2. How to change your Google Play Store presentation?

The Google Play Store makes it easy to update your store presence. Go to Store presence > Store listing in the left-hand menu. Here you can change your short description, full description and more for multiple storefronts. 

Tip: Interested in changing your app screenshots? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on the possibilities.

3. How to measure your app’s retention?

The Retention screen shows you how many users still have the app installed on their device after a certain timeframe. Go to User acquistition > Acquisition reports to see the retention screen. 

This view will also give you insights in how many app downloads have come forth out of an acquisition channel, for example your smartbanner.

4. How to respond to app reviews?

The Reviews view will give you the option to filter app reviews and respond to them. Getting positive feedback is always great, but when there are negative reviews, you may want to help the customer or answer his or her questions. Read more about reviews.