Ofcourse, now your iOS app has been launched you want to know how many customers are using it. You can view this in Google Analytics or in iTunes Connect.

Google Analytics vs. iTunes Connect 

A benefit of using Google Analytics instead of iTunes Connect is that Google Analytics combines the data from both your iOS and Android app. Also, we added several app events to the Google Analytics tracker. This page shows you what you can track within your Google Analytics' App Property. For more detailed information about your iOS app (e.g. downloads, retention, sources) you can use iTunes Connect.

What's iTunes Connect?

iTunes Connect is the content management system of your iOS app. You can use iTunes Connect to update your App Store content (e.g. App Store descriptions, screenshots, certificates etc.) but it also offers an App Analytics page where you can view detailed data of your iOS app.

Log into iTunes Connect

Go to this page to log into iTunes Connect. 

Note: You (or a member of your IT team) created the Apple Developer account during the onboarding phase of your app. We can't provide you with any credentials.

Open your App Analytics page

Click on the "App Analytics" icon to open your analytics view (as shown in the image below).

Now, the analytics overview page shows: 

1. How to view your iOS app downloads?

Apple measures app downloads as "App Units". Click on the "App Units" menu in the "Metrics" overview page to see your app downloads. You can also adjust the time frame to see your app downloads of a specific time period. 

Tip: To view your total downloads, you can refine the time frame to the launch date of your app.

2. How do customers find your iOS app?

Recently, Apple introduced the "Sources" page to the App Analytics. Here, you can view where your app customers are coming from. 

  • App Store Browse: a customer found your app while browsing categories, featured, or top charts in the App Store.
  • App Store Search: a customer found your app while searching for your app name in the App Store (including Search ads).
  • App Referrer: a customer found your app by clicking a link in another app.
  • Web Referrer: a customer found your app by clicking a link on a website (Safari only).

3. How to measure your app's retention?

The "Retention" view shows you how often customers return to your app. 

Tip:  You can refine the retention view by applying filters (e.g. device, region etc.).

4. Subscribe to the weekly summary email

To receive an overview of your app's analytics parameters (impressions, app units, sales, sessions, crashes) via email, you have to opt-in for the "App Analytics Weekly Email Summary". You can find this in the "Users & Roles" page in your iTunes Connect account.