1. Create your push notification.

Select the language and storefront, the content link and the title and subtitle. 

2. Click on 'Test your notification'.

3. Log in to the app on your device.

4. Enter your account e-mail in the pop-over and click on Send Test.

Please note that the entry field is case sensitive. Don't use a capital when entering your e-mail.

5. You will receive the test notification on your device within 1 minute.

It's not mandatory to have the app opened.

What to do when your test notification is not arriving.

  • Please check if you're logged in in the app
  • Please check if you're logged in in the app, with the same email address you provided in Studio
  • Please check if you have allowed the app to send notifications (go to Account > Settings for this)
  • Please go to Account > Settings and turn notifications off and on again. It might happen that the notification status is not updated. 

After you've tried the above, send another test push notification from Studio to see if it fixed the issue. Still having issues? Send us an email at support@highstreetmobile.com.