The Studio's Lookbook Manager allows you to manage the ‘Shop the Look’ feature in the app. Inspirational lifestyle images are key to the success of your lookbooks.


Create lookbook images

To help you create the best lookbook experience possible and to assure a stunning and legible presentation in the app, the following indications need to be taken into account:

  • Device orientation (landscape and portrait)
  • Resolution (retina and non-retina)
  • Scaling the app will apply to the image during animations 
  • Upload max. 25 images per lookbook 
  • Per category you can create a different lookbook

Specifications for your lookbook images:

  • Size: 2048x1365 pixels
  • Format: .PNG or .JPEG

Please note that the images fit both the landscape and portrait view.

Part 1. How to set up a lookbook

1. Log into the Highstreet Studio with your credentials

2. Click on the Lookbook Manager to open the lookbook overview

3. Click on the Create Lookbook button

4. Fill in a lookbook title

The lookbook title is visible to customers.

Optional: Show your lookbook as a banner in a category. 

The first image of your lookbook will be shown above the products in the selected categories.

5.1 Below the lookbook title click on 'Add lookbook to a category'

6. Select the category where you would like to show your lookbook.

Part 2. Create a look

Below, you can find an explanation on how to create a look.

Step 1: Upload an image

Great lookbooks contain great looks. A look is a single lifestyle image with at least one hotspot. The maximum of looks (rows) within a lookbook is 25.

Step 1.1: Open Lookbook Editor

Click the Edit button under actions to open the Lookbook Editor. This shows the looks overview. Here you can add, edit, and remove your looks.

Step 1.2: Open the Look Creator

Click the look placeholder to upload a new image. Or click the Edit button to edit the current look image. In both ways, the Look Editor will open.

Step 1.3: Add image

Click on the icon or drag to add the image. Please use the given specifications (2048x1365 pixels).

Part 3: Add hotspots to the look

What are hotspots? 
Hotspots are areas that attract the user’s attention and indicate that there is an action, like shopping, possible.

What can I do with hotspots?
You can drag the hotspots around and connect them to the products from your catalog.

Why do I need to add hotspots?
If a user presses the hotspot, the app will show your products. Now, it is possible to add the products directly to the shopping cart, without leaving the inspirational content.

Step 1: Add hotspots

Click on the hotspot placeholder to add a hotspot to the look image. 

Note: You can create a maximum of 4 hotspots per look, each hotspot can contain maximum 4 products.

Step 2: Drag the hotspot 

Place the hotspot on the image wherever you want them to be visible in the lookbook. When a hotspot is RED it means it is placed too close to another hotspot. When a hotspot is GREEN it means this hotspot is selected. Don’t position the hotspots too close to each other or too close to the edge of the image.

Tip: avoid images with the same colour as the hotspots, because of the visibility.

Step 3: Add products to the hotspot

Click the Create Collection button. You can add products by searching for the product name or by entering the product SKU. 

It's best to link at least 2 products to a hotspot. Choose a set of products that look nice together.

Step 4: Create a collection

  1. Click on the image to edit the linked product or click on the clear icon to delete the currently linked image.
  2. Click on the empty placeholder to connect a new product to the hotspot. See the image below for a product pop-up explanation.
  3. When you are done with connecting the products, click on the DONE button to save your changes.
  4. Click on the Create Collection pop-up to add another collection.
  5. Or click Delete to remove the hotspot.

Step 5: Search for a product

  1. Click to navigate back to the collection view.
  2. Click the search field.
  3. Search for a product by entering the product name or product SKU.
  4. If you have found the product, you can easily add the product to the collection by clicking the Add button.

Part 4. Save a lookbook

When you have uploaded the images and hotspots correctly, the Create Lookbook button changes into green and becomes active.

Before you click the Create Lookbook button. Check these things first:

  • Does the image look good? Is the quality good (sharp)?
  • Are all hotspots placed well? (Not too close to the edge, not too close to each other)

All good? Click the green Create Lookbook button. Congratulations you just created a look!

Note: To create a complete lookbook you need to add at least 4 looks.

Part 5. Publish the lookbook

Before you publish your lookbook make sure you: 

  • Filled in the right lookbook title or left it blank (it's not mandatory)
  • Linked the lookbook to a category
  • Added at least 4 looks

Step 1: Toggle the status

The Publish status means the lookbook is visible in the app. Offline means the lookbook doesn't show in the app.

Note: unlike the Home Merchandise, you can publish several lookbooks at the same time.

Step 2: Check your lookbook in your app

Within 5 minutes, all your changes in the lookbooks will be visible in the app. Sometimes it helps to kill the app and relaunch it again.

Part 6. Change the order of your lookbooks

By default, the lookbook you have just published end up at the bottom of the lookbook view in the app. In this video we explain how to change the order of the lookbooks.

Optional: Copy your lookbook 

You can copy your lookbook by clicking the "duplicate" button. A drop-down menu with all storefronts will show. Select "current store" to copy your lookbook within the same storefront. The copied lookbook will always appear as offline.