What's cached and what's not?

First of all, please note that we don’t cache all data. We cache the products (including images, prices, product information) and the categories (including the products they contain). We do this to offer a super fast experience to your app customers where products load directly.

On the other hand, we don’t cache the cart, checkout, account information, or any other data related to the user. This data varies between users and changes frequently. In order to keep this always up to date it's not cached.

We manage two types of cache. The first one is the cache in our middleware, the second one is the cache in the app itself.

Middleware cache

Our middleware is the software layer that lies between your webshop and our apps. The cache in the middleware is warmed every night (typically at 2:00 am). The exact time we set for the script to run depends on your time zone and particular needs.

Clearing (or flushing) and warming the cache means that a script will empty all the information in the cache and fill it in again using data from your e-commerce backend. It takes about an hour to update this information. During the cache warming, the app might be slower than usual. 

Update your app right away

If you update your prices, product information, or promotions in your e-commerce backend, the app will only show these changes after our middleware cache has been cleared over night. 

If you need the changes to show immediately in your app, you will need to contact our support team so they can manually clear the cache. You can expect the support team to handle your request within 2 hours (during working hours 9am-17.30pm). 

Once they cleared the cache, you can view the updated information in your app right after you relaunched it. If you don't send a support request, the information will be updated the next day after automatically clearing the cache over night.

App cache

The second cache type is part of our iOS and Android apps. It stores products (including images) and categories that a customer has visited, which it retrieves from our middleware. Having the data in a local app cache ensures a smooth and fast experience, while it's also limiting mobile data usage. Data in the app cache remains for the same day, so effectively until the next time the middleware cache is cleared.

To ensure the app is able to refresh its cache, we created some mechanisms. In the case of products, the app will always refresh its own cache when you close the app or when it has been running in the background for at least 30 minutes. This doesn't apply to the account information, cart, and checkout as these app sections will be refreshed every time you reopen them.