Note: this article is only relevant to brands running on Magento.

When customers place an order in your app, you want to show them a Thank You screen. This is already the case if customers pay by credit card or PayPal. However, when they leave your app to pay with an external banking app (e.g. via iDeal) they leave the native app experience. 

For this reason, the app doesn’t show a native screen but a responsive web page of an empty cart. Below, we show you how to call the native confirmation or failure screen in order to guide your customers back to your app.

How to call a native app screen?
Your web developer can change the URL we show after a completed or failed app order. In this ANWB example we show you how:

It’s possible to redirect your customers from the URL the external banking app links to, in this case,

From this URL, you can redirect your customers back to the app in two ways:

  • Payment successfully completed, the app will show the native “Thank You” page. Implement the “success” link: anwbwebwinkel://checkout/completion/success
  • If your customer  cancelled the payment, or the payment failed for any reason, the app will show a “Payment Failed” screen. In this case, you need to implement this link: anwbwebwinkel://checkout/completion/failure 

You need to replace “anwbwebwinkel” with your store ID to redirect to the correct screens for your app.