To connect your app to your Google analytics account, we will ask you to create an app property for your app. This is done within just a few steps. 

Here’s how to set up new properties for Mobile App Analytics:

  • Sign into your Google Analytics account.
  • Create a new property as website. Enter any of your domains as this is not going to be used in the end. Also provide a clear name so you can find your correct property later on
  • Click the "Get Tracking-ID" button
  • Please send this Tracking-ID to us. Thanks! 
  • When back on the overview, click on the "New view" button in the most right column
  • Here, select mobile app when asked which data the view should track
  • Again, provide a clear name for the view
  • When back on the overview, click on the tiny grey arrow (pointing down) at the view column, this allows you to select the new view we’ve just created for the app data
  • Now your data is being tracked as app and you're good to go

Enable E-commerce Tracking

Next step is to enable E-commerce Tracking, which is required to be able to track the actual revenue:

How to set up E-commerce tracking for your app?

E-commerce Tracking by Google Analytics is used to find out what users buy through your app, including information about:

  • Products: Which products they buy, in what quantity, and the revenue generated by those products.
  • Transactions: The revenue, tax, shipping, and quantity information for each transaction.
  • Time to Purchase: The number of days and number of sessions it takes to purchase, starting from the most recent campaign through the completed transaction.

How do you activate E-commerce Tracking?

Activating E-commerce Tracking for your Highstreet app is simple. Only a few steps and you are done. Here’s how to set up Ecommerce tracking.

Please notify us when you are done, so we can set up your app settings to start collecting your e-commerce app data. Thanks!