The moment arrived that you can view our hard work in the test app. Exciting! In order to review the test app, we have sent you two download links for iOS and Android. Let's show you how to install the test app on your device.

How to download a test app?

We have sent you a specific download link. Click on the link and enter your email address. 

Open your e-mail on a mobile device and tap the 'Get setup' button. This will open the browser. In case Google Chrome is your default browser, you will need to copy the URL and paste it in Safari manually. 

Once you have pasted the URL in safari you will first need to login to your Google account. Once you've done so, you will end up on a screen where you have to accept the invitation. Accept the terms and press on the button.

Accepting the invitation will lead you to an overview of all the versions of the test-app. Open the correct version and tap on download. 

Note: Please only download the test app version that we have shared with you or versions that contain the description: 'beta build'. Other versions are meant for internal testing and we can't guarantee their performance.

When downloading a test-app for the first time you will have to install the developer certificate. The reason for this is that you have to trust Highstreet Mobile Retail BV as a developer in the general settings of your device before you can use the test app. 

For iOS follow the steps on this page. 

Unknown Source Android

It could be that your Android device shows a pop-over saying that the test app is from an “Unknown Source”. This video shows how to accept this: