The content pages are the "about" pages of your app (e.g. contact, FAQ). You can find these pages below the notifications settings in the "account" section of your app. The content pages are mobile responsive web pages from your site. 

Web versus native

In order to create a seamless mobile experience, we'd like to ask you to remove the web navigation and web links on these in-app pages. This way, customers won't notice the difference between web content and native content. 

The web navigation can be confusing for customers. They might start shopping on your mobile site inside your app and get lost. Removing the web navigation and links will prevent this from happening.

How to remove the web navigation and web links from your content pages?

Step 1: We will send you an overview of all URLs that will be used in your app

Step 2: You can differentiate in-app pages in three different ways:

  • Based on User Agent (Highstreet) 
  • Add append ?highstreet=true 
  • Call different URL

Step 2.1: Based on the User Agent
The User Agent (Highstreet) can be added to the in-app content pages. You can than safely remove the web navigation and web links on these pages.

Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 10_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/602.3.12 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/14C92 JustBrands/2.13.50 (Highstreet)

This page shows you how to test content pages in Chrome using the User Agent "Highstreet". 

Step 2.2: Add an append
You can add the append ?highstreet=true to the content page's URL and remove the web navigation and web links on these pages. For example, let's say that the URL in question is With this append, the URL would become We will integrate these URLs into the Accounts overview for the content pages. 

We consider this as the preferred method as this is the easiest method to remove your web navigation from the content pages.

Step 2.3: Call a different URL
You can create a new URL for all content pages. On that page, you can remove the web navigation and web links.

Step 3: Remove web navigation and web links

Your technical team should remove the navigation and link according to the CMS or web technology your website is using. Please see the difference between the mobile web page and in-app content page (without top navigation, hamburger menu, favourite icon, and web cart) in the example below.