Design is one of the key elements of the Highstreet Mobile platform. In 2015, we were the first shopping app platform ever to win the international iF Design Award.

We deliver an app design that fits your brand’s identity like a glove. We make sure your customers feel right at home.

What you need to review

During review please take into consideration that Highstreet is not a custom designed solution. Placement of buttons and functions can not be altered. Design feedback should therefore be about:

  • Use of colour
  • Use of fonts
  • Use of graphical elements included in your design package like icons, button shape, call outs etc.

Before you start reviewing, please note the following:

  • The design will not show all functionalities of our app (that would result in 100+ screens)
  • If you wonder about a functionality of the app, it’s best to check one of our live cases as your app will work the same (for example download the Marlies Dekkers app for iOS and Android)
  • All copy in the design is shown in English, the final app will be adjusted to the user’s local language settings

Design process

To warrant a fast, high-quality, and on-budget delivery of the final app designs our design process consists out of 4 steps.

1. Your input

Before we start designing your app, we will ask you to provide us with your brand’s fonts, logo, colour schemes, and other brand style elements (depending on your design package). Your style guide will be most helpful to us.

2. Design proposal (version 0.7)

Once we have received your input, we will start designing your app and send you the first design proposal. You can easily review this document online in Figma.

3. Feedback design (version 0.9)

The next version you will receive shows the final version of the app design and incorporates all feedback from version 0.7. During the 0.9 review, reviewers should only consider the new changes based on the version 0.7 feedback. New changes will be considered as change requests and will require additional budget.

4. Final design (version 1.0)

The final feedback from version 0.9 will be incorporated and will result in the final version 1.0 which is ready for implementation in your app.

How to use Figma?

The tool we use to design your app is called Figma. It is a web based tool, which means we can easily send you a link to the app designs. Via the link you can quickly create an account, which allows you to place comments and view properties.

  • Use shortcut C to go into Comment Mode. Click anywhere on a design to place a comment.
  • Use shortcut V to go into Viewing Mode. Click an element to view its properties in the right-side panel.

Please gather your team's feedback first, before you start adding comments.