This article describe's our policy around creating App Store and Google Play Store images, the specifications required and the packages we offer.

App Store Images

For the App Store it is required to make images for all the different iPhones and iPads that have been made over the past years. Fortunately, some of these devices visually look very much alike so we can bundle them into 4 groups.

Required Images

6.5-inch iPhone (new)1242x2688 pxNew generation iPhones with the notch design:
- iPhone 6.5-inch
- iPhone 5.5-inch
5.5-inch iPhone (old)1242x2208 pxOld generation iPhones without the notch design:
- iPhone 3.5-inch
- iPhone 4-inch
- iPhone 4.7-inch
- iPhone 5.5-inch
12.9-inch iPad (new)2732x2048 pxNew generation iPad with rounded screen corners and no home button:
- iPad 11-inch
- iPad 12.9-inch
12.9-inch iPad (old)2732x2048 pxOld generation iPads (mini's) with squared corners and home button:
- iPad 9.7-inch
- iPad 10.5-inch
- iPad 12.9-inch

Note: Keep in mind that the content of the images is also checked by Apple and the images will be rejected if the incorrect device type is shown in the image.
For example: images uploaded for the iPad 12.9-inch (new generation) should also display that device and cannot display the app in an older iPad 12.9-inch or an iPhone 6.5-inch.

The App Store allows us to upload a maximum of 10 images. Next to that you can also create a so called 'Preview', which is a video. This video must also be made in the 4 sizes above and will appear as the first visual before the images.

Google Play Store

Google is a lot less strict than Apple and only requires one image size 360x640 px and allows a maximum of 8 screenshots to be uploaded.


For both the Google Play Store and the App Store screenshots must be uploaded for every storefront where your app is live. We can also bundle the storefronts in some cases.

For example, if you have an English storefront for The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain we can use the same screenshots because these countries have the same currency and language so the screenshots will be the same.

Note: When language and currency are applicable to multiple storefronts we can use the same screenshots (e.g. the screenshots would be the same).

Pricing & Packages

We understand that it is a bit of a hassle to create all these images and that some of the devices may not be in your possession. Highstreet has all the correct devices to take the screenshots and also has the digital devices in high quality to place the screenshots in. We offer three different options when it comes to creating the images:


Option 1: You take full responsibility of creating the Store Images and will upload them yourselves in the app store console.

You can use the list with specifications and information provided above.

Option 2: Highstreet takes full responsibility of creating the Store Images.

You will get 5 images per device per storefront with our default text. Our default titles for the 5 images will be provided in 4 languages (english, dutch, german, french, spanish, italian). If you have more languages you can provide us with the translations of these default sentences.

  • The price is calculated per storefront and looks like this:
    • For the 1st iOS storefront we calculate 2 hours of work. This includes finding the correct screenshots, creating the template, placing the images in the mockups, adding the titles and translations etc.
    • For the rest of the iOS storefronts we calculate 1 hour of work. This includes creating and replacing the screenshots, exporting and downsizing the images.
  • We provide you with default titles for these 5 images in 4 languages:

1Home ExperienceSuper fast and inspirational shoppingSuper snel en inspirerend shoppen
2Lookbook DetailFlip through products like in a magazineBlader door producten zoals in een tijdschrift
3Product Detail ViewProduct details at your fingertipsAlle product details binnen handbereik
4Gallery ZoomZoom to see every detailZoom in om elk detail te bekijken
5CartAn effortless, mobile optimised checkout An effortless, tablet optimised checkoutEen eenvoudige, smartphone geoptimaliseerde checkout

Option 3: We create images based on a specific briefing from you.

In this briefing you will provide us with an example of the screenshots, custom titles with translations, styling information (such as: title font, background color etc) and any other requirements for your screenshots. Please also provide us with the correct order you want your screenshots to appear in.

Based on your briefing we can present you with a time estimation.