Your app is live now, exciting! Of course, you want to measure how your app is doing. Let us explain how to use Google Analytics to keep track of your app's performance.

Log into your App Property

During the onboarding process, we asked you to create a separate App Property in Google Analytics to measure your app results. Below, we have listed the main KPIs you can view using Google Analytics.

How many users have downloaded your app?

Go to Acquisition > Users. Here you can find:

  • New users
  • Total users
  • User sessions

You can specify on OS (Android or iOS), the app's version number, and country.

Note: you can also view your app downloads in your iTunes Connect account for iOS and in your Google Play Console for Android.

  • Itunes Connect: App Analytics > App Units.
  • Android Developer Account: Statistics > Installs on active devices.

Where to find your app's revenue?

Go to Conversions > E-commerce > Overview. Here you can find:

  • Total revenue
  • Revenue per user
  • E-commerce conversion rate
  • Transactions
  • Average order value
  • Unique purchases

If you don't see any data here you didn't enable e-commerce tracking yet. Please check this page how to do so.

How many users created an account in your app?

Go to Behaviour > Events > Top Events > Account > create_account_success

How many users joined your loyalty program?

Go to Behaviour > Events > Top Events > Onboarding > loyalty_join .

How many users opted in for your push notifications?

Go to Behaviour > Events > Top Events > Onboarding > push_registration_success .

Note: users can opt-out for push notifications later on, this can't be measured. Google Analytics only tracks the users who opt-in on the push notification onboarding screen.

How many users opened your push notification?

Go to Behaviour > Events > Top Events > Launch > push_opened .

Note: to see the conversion of your push notifications you can create a segment in Google Analytics that only includes users or sessions with the push_opened event.

How many users successfully checked out in your app?

Go to Behaviour > Events > Top Events > Checkout > success . Here you can also find:

  • Begin checkout
  • Abandon checkout
  • Success checkout

How many users favourited a product?

Go to Behaviour > Events > Top Events > Personalization > favorites_add_product.

How to measure your AdWords campaigns promoting your app?

Go to Acquisition > AdWords > Campaigns.