By default, the storefront of the app is based on the language and region that is setup on the device. So, if the device is setup for Dutch/Netherlands, the app will adopt that and present the Dutch catalog and Dutch interface language. 

We noticed that every now and then customers want to override this. They might not be aware of the global setting or have other reasons to want a different language or locale.

For example: A customer moves to another country. His device is still set to display his native language, and therefore the app also shows that country’s storefront. However, the customer wants to make use of the storefront and shipping options of his new country. The Country Selector will allow him to make this switch.

How does it work?

The Country Selector enables users to change their storefront in an easy and fast way. The selector is located in the Settings menu, which can be accessed from the account screen. The user can choose from the app's available storefronts, after which the app will quickly restart itself.