The Highstreet extension is the plugin that connects your Magento catalog to the Highstreet app. We ask you to install this extension in the Magento Admin Panel. The extension provides read-only access to the catalog (products and categories) by providing a simple API for the app. This extension does not modify or affect the Magento installation, nor does it change any catalog data.

What are the requirements?

  • Magento Community Edition v1.8.0.0 or higher
  • Magento Enterprise Edition v1.13.0.0 or higher
  • An administrator account with access to the Magento Admin Panel

Please read the step-by-step walkthrough below on how to install the extension.

Step 1: Open Magento Connect Manager

Log in to the Admin Panel of your Magento installation. Usually, the URL of the Admin Panel can be found by appending/admin to the base URL of your store. Once you are logged in, open the menu and go to System, Magento Connect, Magento Connect Manager. This should open up a new page.

Step 2: Log in to the Magento Connect Manager

The Magento Connect Manager will ask you to log in. Use the same credentials as you did at Step 1.

Step 3: Upload the extension to the Magento Connect Manager

Download this file and store the file on your computer. 

Look for the “Direct package file upload” section. In this section click on “Choose file” and select the extension package from your computer. Click on “Upload” and select the Highstreet.tgz on your file system. After a successful upload, Magento will proceed the installation.

Step 4: Check the output for errors

The web page will scroll down, showing green text contained in a black block. Please check if the installation was successful. If the installation was successful, it should show a text similar to that of the image above. Please contact us if an error occurred.

Step 5: Send us an email

That’s it, you are done. Please send us an email that contains the base URL of the store so we can test if the installation was successful. Thanks!