Instead of showing an empty screen with a loading indicator, we highly recommend designing a captivating Splashscreen image. This way, your loading screen will contribute to your brand experience and your customers won't get the negative feeling of waiting.

Splashscreen example from Flinders

How it works

If you are interested in using a Splashscreen image, you can download the templates below to create your images. Once we have received your images we will schedule the time to implement them in your app.

Please use the following specifications to create your images or download the templates here.

1. Phone (iOS & Android)
Portrait: 1440x2960 px

Safe Area: 1040x2300 px

2. iPad (iOS)
Landscape: 2732x2048 px
Safe Area: 1150x1850 px

You can send your images to

Please make sure you place important content (e.g. logos, text) within the safe area boundaries indicated in the templates.

Mobile & Tablet templates with indicated safe areas


Implementing a new Splashscreen image will cost half an hour. This will be billed on your monthly support invoice.

Can I change the splashscreen myself?

We will need to change the splashscreen for you. The reason is that the images for the splashscreen need to be part of the binary of the app (the new version) that we submit to the app stores. The splashscreen is a loading screen that is actually not a part of the app itself, but it’s created in iOS or Android. That’s why we have limited control over them and are always depend on a new update to go live.

When will the new splashscreen be visible in the app

We submit and release an app update every two weeks. After submitting a new version it takes a few days before the app update is approved and we can actually release it in the app stores.

For updating a splash screen it is important that we receive the images before submitting. We submit every two weeks on Friday. To include the new images in the update, we need the images by Thursday at the latest.

As soon as the new version has been approved, we will release the update. That is usually on Tuesday. Customers will see the new splashscreen once they have installed the latest version.

Splashscreen example with text from Wehkamp